Haiku 152 – Something to Drive You Mad…

I have a secret
now you’ll likely go insane
wondering what it is


Abhra is having us write about secrets over at dVerse. ¬†There’s nothing worse than knowing that somebody has a secret and you’re not “in” on it…hence my haiku.


Haiku 151 – Management Speak Haiku

corporate memo: the compositional qualities of poetical endeavors utilizing Oriental form, sub-set: Japanese
should heretofore be developed in such manner that corporate linguistical techniques are employed
thus expanding the potentiality of verbiage and minimizing the extraneous percentage of underdeveloped page usage.


if a haiku were
written in management speak
it would be longer


written for dVerse, where we are invited to use “management speak” or jargon to write poetry.

Haiku 146 – Suspicion

the homicide team
investigates red-stained shirt –
just strawberry juice


the prompt, today at Carpe Diem is “Strawberries”. I’ve noticed a trend amongst many bloggers (including myself) of taking a light topic and giving it a dark twist. I thought, for a change, that I’d write something that seems to start dark, and give it a light twist instead. Hope you enjoyed!