Haiku 151 – Management Speak Haiku

corporate memo: the compositional qualities of poetical endeavors utilizing Oriental form, sub-set: Japanese
should heretofore be developed in such manner that corporate linguistical techniques are employed
thus expanding the potentiality of verbiage and minimizing the extraneous percentage of underdeveloped page usage.


if a haiku were
written in management speak
it would be longer


written for dVerse, where we are invited to use “management speak” or jargon to write poetry.


Haiku 145 – Dadaist Haiku

p’tang duck – szaborng ming

posted for dVerse…where today’s prompt is Dada poetry.  I decided to make a haiku out of a nonsense phrase I’ve been using for a number of years.  It means nothing…except whatever I want it to at any given moment.

Haiku 144 – Disgusting

Haiku one-four-four

that makes a dozen dozen

this number is gross


I’m considering changing the format of this site.  I’m starting to find it difficult to write a humorous haiku as often as I would like, so I’m thinking of changing this to a weekly post with a writing suggestion, and then getting you, my readers, to write your own haiku (or you could choose from other forms of Japanese poetry like tanka).  You would write a haiku on your own blog and then link it to this one.  Once haiku are linked to this site, you can go and visit other sites to see other writers’ humorous haiku, and have them come and visit your blog as well.  Please leave me a comment and let me know if you would be interested in joining me on this venture?

Haiku 130 – More to come?

On my quest4peas.wordpress.com blog, I have been writing a number of more serious haiku based on prompts from the site Carpe Diem.  So if you want to see some haiku that are more serious in nature, feel free to wander on over there.  I’ve got a few short stories, and even a serialized novel at that site too!

One of the prompts at the Carpe Diem site was to write a new haiku inspired by one by Russian haiku poet Alexey Andreyev.  I hope that it’s OK by the Carpe Diem people that I have chosen to go less serious with mine.

First: the haiku by Alexey:

summer evening –
empty swing swaying slightly
forward … back …

And now the one by me…

my newest haiku

waits for a completing line

…  …