Haiku 145 – Dadaist Haiku

p’tang duck – szaborng ming

posted for dVerse…where today’s prompt is Dada poetry.  I decided to make a haiku out of a nonsense phrase I’ve been using for a number of years.  It means nothing…except whatever I want it to at any given moment.


20 thoughts on “Haiku 145 – Dadaist Haiku

  1. whatever it is…i am strangely hungry afterward….
    so you have me curious…what social situations do you use this phrase? ha.
    context! smiles. blutznung is just fun to say….my family may think i am crazy sounding it out
    out loud…

  2. It does sound like a Polish dumpling dish… can understand why it would make Brian hungry…
    And when did you change the name of your blog to Haiku! (Gesundheit) – or did I only just notice? – it’s hilarious. I’ve just had a good old laugh at it.

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