Haiku 132 – “Finish It Friday”

Just to shake things up a bit, I’d like to try something new.  If successful, I’ll try to make “Finish It Friday” a regular feature here.  The idea is, I’ll give you 2 lines of a haiku, but leave one line blank (probably, it’ll be the final line, but I may leave one of the other lines blank instead from time to time).  Then you, my readers, get to write a completing line.  Be as serious or silly as you like.  So here’s the first “Finish It Friday” haiku:

The frog’s mighty legs

make a leap across the pond


To participate, click on the “comments” button and add your line.  If you are following on facebook, please click link to take you to my blog and leave comment there so that everyone can read your comment.

Thanks for playing!


9 thoughts on “Haiku 132 – “Finish It Friday”

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