Haiku 130 – More to come?

On my quest4peas.wordpress.com blog, I have been writing a number of more serious haiku based on prompts from the site Carpe Diem.  So if you want to see some haiku that are more serious in nature, feel free to wander on over there.  I’ve got a few short stories, and even a serialized novel at that site too!

One of the prompts at the Carpe Diem site was to write a new haiku inspired by one by Russian haiku poet Alexey Andreyev.  I hope that it’s OK by the Carpe Diem people that I have chosen to go less serious with mine.

First: the haiku by Alexey:

summer evening –
empty swing swaying slightly
forward … back …

And now the one by me…

my newest haiku

waits for a completing line

…  …


10 thoughts on “Haiku 130 – More to come?

  1. What a surprise Bryan … I like this response. I love the humor in this post and of course I had to try to make your haiku complete.

    my newest haiku
    waits for a completing line –
    enter the “Aleph”

    Couldn’t help it, my first thought was in tune with our Trans Siberian Rairoad trip … maybe the “Aleph” can help you to finish your haiku. 🙂

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