Haiku 17 – State Farm?

The State Farm jingle has been running through my head for a few days (Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there).  Now while my wife and I are insured through another company, the State Farm jingle has made me think about the idea of good neighbours (by the way, I’m Canadian, and that’s why I’m spelling neighbour with a “u”).  We have good neighbours.  About three years ago, we had gone to my in-laws for a family gathering.  This involved one night away from home.  When we got back, we found our front door kicked in, and all of our valuables vanished.  We were thankful for our insurance…it helped us to get our stuff back.  Even more-so, though, we were thankful for our wonderful neighbours.  They helped us recover our sanity.  This haiku is in tribute to good neighbours everywhere:

Like a good neighbour…

Good neighbours are better than

any insurance

Then, just by coincidence, after I had written the above haiku in my head, dVerse invited us to submit poems inspired by phrases that we have seen or heard.  Hope you enjoyed!


14 thoughts on “Haiku 17 – State Farm?

  1. good neighbours are worth gold – i agree – our direct neighbours left and right hand side are both wonderful– so from house-sitting over borrowing eggs to a glass of wine in the evening — all is possible and that’s just great

  2. ah i agree….cause insurance is a racket until you need it…ha…
    good neighbours…are good to have…and i wonder if our culture
    really supports that as it once did you know…back in the front porch days…

    • Yeah…we live in a culture that discourages getting to know your neighbours…it probably helps that our next door neighbours are separated from us by nothing more than a wall (townhouses can really force you to get to know your neighbours…and ours are GREAT!!)

    • It was a devastating time. I was literally sick for almost a week. We’re still jumpy when things look “off”, but as I said in my post, our neighbours really helped us out!

  3. Like where you went here. Insurance is is important -good neighbours essential.
    Sorry to hear of your experience – can’t imagine how awful this must have been.
    Anna :o]

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